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Benkadi associationJune 2017

Founded in 2016 by the people of Kou valley village, the Benkadi association (harmony in local language) gets together women and men to manage the equipments (drilling, the solar pack and revision room) ...

Six months after the action programme was launchedMay 2017

The school room built in the center of the village with solar panel on the concrete roof, is used by grade-schooler to review their lessons ...

AVN laureate to World Habitat AwardMarch 2017

Housing problems cause negatives impatcs on the economy, social development, greenhouse gas emissions and living conditions for local people...

ADPVK in Africa

The Burkina Faso is a West Africa country of 16 million people mainly rural, it's among the poorest country in the world ...

Help a child

Fillette Burkina Faso-Afrique
  1. Develop human capital has a beneficial effect on the economic development, democracy and health
  2. Assist children towards freedom
  3. Participate in the economic development of their community

Wo we are

ADPVK ethic

ADPVK is manage by volunteers.
All the funds collected are used to finance projects in Africa.
Projects are identified and develop by populations to ensure their sustainability.
Develop infrastructure to allow younger people to plan for the future.